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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Some friends at Cream Soda Nite in Sapporo 2014

Two guys I know in the same shot
June 9 can be read "rokku", "roku" is 6, which is the Japanese name of June, and "ku" is one way to say 9. "Rokku" is also how you say "rock" as in rock'n'roll. Every year there is a rock'n'roll/rockabilly/punk event here in Sapporo on June 9 called "Cream Soda Nite" [sic!]. This year, some of my friends made a band called "One Star Club Band" and they where playing, so I went there to listen to them. I also saw a lot of other bands, and all were very good.

My friend, looking much cooler than usual (because of the sunglasses?)
Guitar solo, also cool!
The whole four man band
Shaking hands with the audience

My friend is famous for (claiming to) not having a girlfriend for 10 years. He says he is sure that now that he has been on stage as a rock guitarist again (he played in a band when he was young and still had girlfriends), he will be swamped in female fans and groupies. One woman ran up to my friend after their performance and pretended to swoon at him, almost but not quite falling to the floor.

Woman swooning

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