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Thursday, June 5, 2014

New bag

During the weekend I had some time between sleeping and working, so I walked around in the department stores where the young people shop, looking for a thin jacket or a pair of shoes. I stumbled upon a shop that sells yukatas (summer kimonos) and related products. They said the shop is only in the department for a very short limited period.

The two ladies that worked there thought it was extremely funny that I wore traditional Japanese sandals (since I broke my last pair of shoes). They also thought it was a miracle that I spoke Japanese. They told me the dates for all the big events near Sapporo where people where yukatas, which was quite helpful.

Most shops that sell yukatas only have women's yukatas, but here they had yukatas for men too. They were not that interesting, but I was thinking of buying a new obi (belt). In the end, I did not, but I bought a bag instead.

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