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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hokkaido sushi

Mackerel sushi (saba)

Hokkaido has very good sushi. The types of fish you can get are also slightly different from the rest of Japan (since the sea is colder here). The second day of Sapporo sightseeing, we had sushi for dinner. Way too much sushi, but it was very good. And my relatives extremely satisfied (it may have been the best sushi they have tried) and they were shocked at how cheap the bill was when we were finished.

A small selection of all the things we ate:

Crab salad sushi
Slightly grilled mackerel (aburi saba)
Extra fat salmon
Asparagus sushi (limited offer since it is asparagus season now)
Aburi sanma (slightly grilled mackerel pike)
Raw fish eggs
Japanese sake

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