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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blond Japanese speaking Swedish

The second day of my brother's Sapporo visit ended with a stop at One Star Bar. One of my friends works there, and when my parents visited Sapporo, he secretly learned enough Swedish to talk to them for a minute or so, just to surprise them and me (which succeeded).

"Actual blond people speaking to a fake blond person", was the caption of this photo when I found it.

Now, he does not remember that much Swedish he said, but he did say a few sentences in Swedish. Since my brother speaks better Japanese than I do, the rest of the evening we spoke Japanese. We had a lot of fun. We also asked my friend, who is from Otaru (a smaller city close to Sapporo) for tips on what to do during the day the next day. He suggested some things to see and eat in Otaru, which turned out to be nice.

A delicious present

When my parents visited, my friend had prepared a famous cheese cake from the LeTAO sweets stores (which are based in Otaru; LeTAO is Otaru read backwards in Japanese). This time, he said he had prepared another food present but since we had just had extreme amounts of sushi, maybe we would not be interested. He then produced leftovers of cheap sushi from a convenience store, and his boss said: "That is just the stuff you left when you did not want to eat more when you ate your cheap dinner earlier tonight!"

Me and my drunk friend

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