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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wedding business and food

My wedding invitation

One of my magician friends (we both have magic as a hobby but work with other things) is getting married. The wedding is in September, and since his wife is going to perform a song with her brass band friends, my friend wants to do some magic together with me at the wedding. More specifically, he wants to produce lots of money and he wants to do an illusion of some kind.

Last week we went to take a look at the location, to see what kinds of illusions might work. It turns out the performance space is pretty much in the center of the room, so the stuff you do has to be OK when viewed from 360 degrees of spectators trying to figure out your secrets, haha. It also has to be of a kinds that makes sense to people watching it from all angles (a shadow illusion would be incomprehensible to the people "behind" the screen with the shadows, for instance). But hopefully we will come up with something.

On our way up the mountain where the wedding will take place, we also stopped for some late lunch/early dinner okonomiyaki. The young waitress came up to my friend and said: "Here is an English menu too", when I was reading the Japanese menu. I am pretty sure he looks way more Japanese than I do, so that was a bit strange.

My friend also had to try out a bunch of suits and pick one to wear during the wedding. He figured it would be best to have someone else with him to discuss fashion things, which makes sense. For some reason, I was the only one there for him to talk about clothes with, which does not make much sense (all my Japanese friends tell me I have zero fashion sense and dress like a weirdo). In the end, I think we did fairly well, though.

After the suit tryouts, he invited me back to his place where his wife was making dinner for us and two other guests. We had temaki sushi. This is very nice. You put vinegared rice (sushi) on sheets of seaweed and then add raw fish or whatnot, wrap it into a small package and eat.

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