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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Getting a bloody nose

I visited a place were a woman swallowed a sword. Someone mentioned that I used to hammer nails into my nose, which seems similar (it is not, really). I did not have any nails with me, since I have not been doing this much lately. I was given a toothpick, though. I shoved it up my nose, but it got caught somewhere, so when I pulled it out later it was covered in blood.

When I wrote about this on Facebook, a Japanese girl I once met commented with something along the lines of: "Why would you do that?" I explained that it was for a magic trick and that I used to do it with a big nail. She replied with "I see. So you strain your body."

The thing is, the only time I actually met her, I did the hammer a nail into my nose thing. People tend to remember that after seeing it once. So I commented that "the only time we have ever actually met, I hammered a nail into my nose right in front of you, right?" And she replied that: "Ah, now I remember!" So I said most people tend to remember that part very well, but she said that my zombie makeup had made an even stronger impression and that was all she remembered. Which was a bit sad, since I was not trying to be a zombie at that time... Everyone still thinks it looked like a zombie, but I was going for "broken doll".

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