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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blue food and red clothes

My brother likes Uniclo, which is a cheap but nice brand of clothes here in Japan. We went shopping there and I bought two t-shirts, one with some "tribal" designs and one with Monsters INC (or Monsters University, perhaps?) characters. I like the movies, and the shirt was cute too.

I also bought a pair of shorts. Since we did not have that much time, I just picked a pair in size L, which is usually something I can just about get my thighs into (Japanese men apparently have no leg muscles and no muscles around their shoulders, based on the size of clothes in this country). This usually means they are too wide around the waist for me, but not that bad. This time, it turned out that size L was huge. You could almost fit two of me in these shorts...

I also found some strange food in a souvenir shop. It is a curry dish, but it is blue. The idea is that it should look like drift ice, as this is the big tourist attraction of the north-east part of Hokkaido and people go there in the spring to watch the ice flakes come drifting from the north. The curry also comes with some white food to put in it, to make the dish look like blue sea water with ice floating in it.

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