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Born in Stockholm (Sweden), now live in Sapporo (Japan). Hold a Ph.D. in computer science and work with computers during the days, perform magic in a bar during the nights (and weekends, for kids). Also used to teach historical fencing back in Sweden.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Another yukata party with 1 participant, and not being recognized

The 7th of July is considered "tanabata" in some parts of Japan, and in some parts that means wearing a yukata. In Sapporo, tanabata is the 7th of August, but since I am not from Sapporo and since I need any excuse to wear all these yukatas and obis I keep buying, I used it as an excuse to wear the one yukata I had not tried yet with one of my new obis.

No one else wore a yukata yesterday (as far as I could see when I was walking around downtown), so it was a bit lonely.

I like the red yukata better than this one, but the obi looks nice.

In the bar where my friend works, I ended up sitting at the counter (since I came there without company). Later, a woman also showed up alone and ended up sitting next to me while waiting for her friend. The bartender told her that I am a magician and asked me to show her something with a pair of rubber bands he had behind the counter.

The girl then told me that she had once been to a magic bar with a group of her friends, on her birthday. She did not remember the name of the place, but she remembered getting a sealed PET-bottle with a card that she had signed herself inside it. We do that in our magic bar, but other places probably use that trick too. I asked if she remembered what the magician looked like, and she said he was tall, had long hair, and wore a hat. Which sounds like my boss. I asked if he has a huge stomach too, and she said yes.

I asked if there was a foreigner magician there too, and she said yes. So I said: "Nice to meet you again. Long time no see!"... It is not that common that people do not remember me at all after we have met.

Later, her friend showed up and she had apparently also been part of the group that came to our magic bar. She remembered the PET-bottle (everyone does, which is why we use it), and she remembered someone producing a very large amount of ballpoint pens. That was me. This girl also failed to recognize me, though...


  1. Mycket konstigt att dom inte kom ihåg dig.. :-) Jag tyckte också att din yukata med röda blommor var finare.. :-)

    1. Jag tycker ju egentligen inte att det är konstigt att folk inte kommer ihåg mig, men här i Sapporo sticker man tydligen ut något helt enormt genom att vara ljushårig och prata japanska. Så lite ovanligt är det.

      Den röda är bra. Jag är mycket nöjd med det köpet. Den jag köpte i fjol är också bra.


  2. It's probably cause red accent is good for your light hair and skin. White (and icy blue) will make you look more "cold" XD But they are both very pretty and fits you. No wonder you like buying them:D
    It is bit strange people don't remember you lol. Maybe it's side effect of all magic at the bar haha

    1. The red is a good strong contrast with the black, which is good too. These yukatas are nice, but there are so many more designs and colors to choose from for girls, so I am still envious, haha.

      I think one reason they did not remember me could be alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol :-)