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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Very heavy starters

My Canadian professor friend mentioned that he knew of a place that was rumored to have cheap food, good food, and good wines. He wanted to go there after the conference presentations finished one of the days.

We stopped by and decided to try something light. There was something called the "house pâté" for 10 Euros in the starter section of the menu, so we ordered that.

I am not sure what kind of things show up if you order something heavier than a starter, but we could not even finish half of the stuff we got, and there were two of us. After trying to reach the halfway point, both of us ended up not having any dinner that night because we were just too full.

So, for 10 Euros we got enough food to feed at least 4. And it was great, too. So the rumors of cheap and good food seem true.

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