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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shopping for clothes

A huge bath towel
Shopping is said to be the number one hobby of people in Japan, so I did my best to act Japanese during the weekend and bought some new clothes. The famous ukiyoe print of Fuji as a pair of underwear might come in handy when wearing a yukata (which has a high risk of exposing your underwear if you sit down or try to walk).

The bath towel has a picture of Yukimura Sanada and the writing is something he is famous for having said. It says 「人の死すべき時至らば、潔く身を失いてこそ勇士の本意なるべし」which means something like "When the time to die comes, the honorable warrior must die a pure death".

Cherry blossom t-shirt, Hokusai's view of Fuji underwear, and Japanese sandals



  1. Älskar T-shirtarna!! Big surprise.. NOT :-)

    1. Misstänkte att du skulle gilla dem :-)