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Friday, July 4, 2014

Typical homemade Japanese food

Chicken in sweet sauce

One of my friends has gotten married and moved to a new place to live with his wife. He invited me over to look at their new place and to discuss some entertainment things (he wants me to do some magic together with him at the wedding party that is to be held in September).

He also said that his wife had offered to cook and that she had offered to cook anything at all that I wanted to eat. I asked for Japanese home cooking, something everyone in Japan knows but that you would never see at a restaurant. That would be something that I have very little experience of, since my Japanese acquaintances rarely cook food for me. When they do, we usually have barbecues in the summer, hotpot parties in the winter, or the fairly special New Years food.

His wife was kind enough to make lots of different stuff, and all of it was great.

Cherries from my friend's wife's parents' garden
Konjac noodles
Oven baked sanma
Boiled daikon
Minced meat and ginger to put on rice


  1. Bilden med körsbären var superfin.. Den "stjäl" jag.. :-)

    1. Så länge du inte använder den för onda syften så kör hårt :-)

  2. Ska göra mitt bästa för att avhålla mig från det!! :-) Vi får se hur det går!!