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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Paris opera house

On my way to the airport, I also stopped by the old Paris opera house. This is the one that is the setting of the Phantom of the Opera. Now there is a new opera house used for actual opera performances.
Impressive staircase
Impressive arches
Selfie in the stairs
Having my picture taken in the stairs
Nice view
I walked around in most parts of the opera house, but I did not have that much time. The train station that I had planned to use to get to the airport was still not open, so I had to take some roundabout route which would take more time than I had hoped, and I had spent three hours longer at the catacombs than I had expected.
The loges
View from one of the loges
The stage
Colorful ceiling and chandelier
The opera house was very beautiful, of course. The painted ceilings, the marble staircases, etc. were great. The view was nice too. There were also showcasings of costumes from some of the famous opera performances. There was even a special exhibit on the Swedish Ballet, a ballet company that was famous in Paris in the early 1920-ies.
Hallway finally almost empty of tourist groups
Me being a tourist in the hallway
The Swedish Ballet, 1920 to 1925, special exhibit
Swedish Ballet, photos
Swedish Ballet, costumes
Costume from famous performance
Valkyrie armor with huge nipples
Nice looking dress from another show
Ballerina lamps on sale in the gift shop

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