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Friday, July 4, 2014

Salami and huge pencils at Cocktail Bar Harada

Excellent salami

I went out to dinner with one of my colleagues and after eating we went to Cocktail Bar Harada for some drinks. This place is run by Harada, father and son. The son does magic.

Beefeater gin designs from different ages

When we arrived, the place was super busy so we ordered some salami and pickles, which were excellent, and sat around talking for awhile. When things calmed down, Harada Jr. came over and talked to us about all kinds of interesting things. He showed us his father's collection of very old bottles. There were whiskey, cognac, gin, etc. from very many years ago.

A slightly larger than normal pencil

His English is excellent, which is nice when we are out with people who do not speak Japanese that well. He also showed us some magic tricks.

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