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Friday, July 11, 2014

More yukata photos

Yesterday it was very rainy here. There was a big typhoon down south (that never came up to Sapporo) which usually means lots and lots of rain. I got soaked completely through when biking home from work, and the rest of my summer clothes were wet from washing clothes in preparation for going to Paris on Monday (I will be presenting some things at a conference there next week).

After a "sword" fight

I did not have any dry shorts to wear but was hungry. Going out naked would probably mean getting arrested, and even if not, I would be unlikely to get service at any restaurant. Since yukatas are summer clothes and any excuse to wear one is good, I changed out of my wet clothes into a yukata and grabbed an umbrella on my way out.

Using an umbrella indoors... crazy foreigners.

I ended up in a place were the owner of a magic shop in Sapporo also was sitting alone. He is pretty funny. When we were leaving, people wanted to take photos of us together for some reason, and we were even forced to have a "sword fight" with our umbrellas, a movie of which was later put on Facebook.

I also dropped by a bar where another one of my friends works. They told me that earlier that night a girl I have met a few times there had seen photos of me wearing a yukata on Facebook, and she had commented: "Ah, I should also have worn a yukata today!" They had asked her what the point/connection would be, and she said: "Then we could have met and worn yukatas together." The other people commented that maybe this sort of thing would best be handled by for instance sending an e-mail saying something like "let's wear yukatas today and meet at [someplace]"...

In a place that - surprise, surprise - is called One Star Bar

Since she left 15 minutes or so before I showed up, we decided to put up one more photo on Facebook of me in a yukata where it was very clear that I was were she had just been.

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