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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Otaru canals and Naruto chicken

After eating way too much free chocolate, we finally reached the canals. Otaru is famous for having canals, and for having buildings that "look European" near the canals. Having lived 30 years in Europe, seeing European looking buildings is not exactly the most exciting sightseeing I can imagine, but for Japanese domestic tourism, this is "a thing".

The weather was not great, so the canals look a little more boring than on a sunny day, but this is about what you get when sightseeing in Otaru. During the winter they have a snow lantern festival where the float candles on the canal and place ice lanterns and snow lanterns all along the canal, which is actually very beautiful.

After seeing the sightseeing spots, we went on to our main goal in Otaru: the restaurant Naruto. They serve all kinds of food (even for a Japanese restaurant they have a very wide spectrum of dishes, including ramen, seafood, and chicken). Naruto is famous for "half chicken". You get half a chicken that they deep fry.

We ordered two halves, and since it was lunch time they came with soup, rice, sushi, and all kinds of things too. We also ordered fried octopus and a piece of fried salmon that turned out to be extremely good. The chicken was of course very good too.

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