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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Indian curry, cheese, free wine = working


I was in Paris to work, and I spent most of my time actually working. The work was not that exciting so there are many more photos from the few hours of non-work than from the many hours of work, though.

Me presenting some research
I gave a presentation, which was fairly well received. People laughed when I was trying to say something funny, and they did not laugh when I was not trying to be funny. I ended up in a session where every single speaker came from Japan, which was a bit strange.

The conference was held at the Paris Descartes University. This university is very old, and the desks had some form of ancient devices stuck to them that I still do not know what they are for. The university also lacks air conditioning, which made the extreme heat a bit of a bother during the afternoon presentations. Like holding the conference in a sauna (a sauna with Internet access, though).

Every day there was lunch provided by the conference. Every day the lunch served was Indian curry and French cheese. There was also unlimited free wine. Very French.

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