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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

To much chocolate and cakes at LeTao, the backwards Otaru

Anywhere you go in Japan, you will find souvenir shops that sell local sweets. Sometimes they just sell sweets that are good, and sometimes they sell sweets that are themed to some local product. The latter are often not very good. I have for instance had soft ice cream with shredded wasabi on top, which was not a good mix. Lavender taste ice cream near the lavender fields of Furano was also pretty bad.

In Otaru, you find LeTAO (which becomes "Otaru" if read backwards in Japanese). They make cakes and chocolate. The most famous product they have is the LeTAO Double Fromage cheese cake, which is excellent.

Many souvenir sweets shops (and department stores) have people giving you free samples of all kinds of things to try. When we entered the biggest LeTAO shop to buy some cheese cake to send to relatives in southern Japan, there were lots of young girls asking me to try various chocolate products and cookies. These were all great, but I think I got enough free samples to add up to a small lunch...

To get free shipping you had to buy a certain number of products, and we were one product short so I bought a thing called "LeTAO Sensation" that I had never seen before. It was deceptively small, but turned out to be very heavy. It was like eating thick chocolate with a spoon. Good, but heavy.

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