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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

TV Tower and breasts

After seeing Otaru, we returned to Sapporo. The plan for the evening was to go to the magic bar where I perform, but we had two hours or so to kill before the magic bar would open. We decided to go up the Sapporo TV Tower and check the view from there. I have been in Sapporo for a total of eight years now, but this was the first time I went up to the top of the TV tower (I have been to the restaurant floor once, though).

The TV tower is not that high, so the view is not that great. But the tower is located in the Odori Koen park, which does give you a nice view of the park.

You can also see both the hotel where my brother was staying and my house from the TV tower.

As in all Japanese sightseeing places, there was also a souvenir shop in the TV tower. The sold the typical Hokkaido souvenirs. I found some "oppaido" cell phone straps. These are shaped more or less like the island of Hokkaido, but also made to look like a female torso with large breasts. The souvenir name sounds a bit like Hokkaido (which means the "Northern Sea district") and translates to something like the "boob district". I am not sure if this is just a "it sounds a bit like boobs, lets make boob souvenirs" thing, or if Hokkaido for some reason is famous for big breasts. As far as I have noticed during my eight years in Sapporo, Hokkaido women do not have breasts that would warrant making large breasted souvenirs.

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