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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Versailles gardens

The gardens of the Versailles palace are enormous. They are also very beautiful. I had a ticket with access to everything, so I just walked into the garden. The two nurses from my university had bought the cheapest ticket, which only gave access to the palace, so they could not enter. They called for me to wait for them and told me that they needed to buy tickets. I walked out again (my ticket was a full day free pass, so I could come and go as many times as I liked) and told the young French woman at the gate that "I am with those two, so I will be back again soon". She said: "Ah, you again!" and laughed at me when I went back in a few minutes later.

Buying tickets to the gardens
Me and two nurses that turned out to work at my university

We walked around in the gardens for an hour or two. We got to see some water fountain show synchronized with music and many other nice things. We were asked by an older Japanese couple to take a photo for them (they seemed to have the same heuristic as me for choosing people to help you with photos). I asked them to take a photo with my camera in return, so we could have a photo of all three of us too.

After walking around in the gardens we also took the same train back to Paris. Then I took the subway to the south to go find a magic shop, and they took the same subway line in the opposite direction to go see the opera house. They said they will come visit our magic bar sometime, and it would be fun to meet them again.

A surprisingly modern looking arch in the presumably very old gardens
More construction work, and some very nice looking gardens
Fountains synchronized with music

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