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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Zombie apprentice

My zombie apprentice
It seems I have now got myself a zombie trainee. A guy I know (we became friends since we both like eating some types of insects) asked me about what stuff I had used to make myself into a zombie for Halloween. He mentioned that he wanted to do something similar at some event.

I told him about where to by face paint and how to make the stuff I use for blood (maple syrup, red food coloring, chocolate sauce). I also told him how to get realistic spatter patterns (fill your mouth with the blood (very sweet, but edible) and let it pour out of your mouth, down your chin, and down onto yourself and your clothes).

With and without zombie makeup

I ran into him by chance on the evening I got back from Paris. He said that he had tried my zombie makeup stuff and that it was pretty successful. He showed me some photos of him as a zombie at some event. Strangely, he was the only one dressed up like that. Everyone was looking businesslike in suits. I wanted to ask what kind of event it was, and why only he was looking strange, but he got a phone call and had to leave.

He also had some photos of himself as a zombie in a hostess bar after the event had finished. That made a little bit more sense, since showing up in a funny outfit at least gives you something to talk about with the hostess.

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