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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sapporo Beer Garden

During one month in the summer, our Odori Koen park turns into a huge beer garden. The park is huge, and it is filled with plastic chairs and rickety tables. When the weather is good, tens of thousands of people show up during one day to drink beer and eat expensively priced cheap food.
Cold and overpriced yakitori. Pretty good.
This is also often done dressed in yukata. Since I had been talking about my new yukatas, one of my Japanese friends had become interested in wearing a yukata herself too. She invited a bunch of friends to all dress up in yukatas and go to the beer garden. Since I was the igniting spark for the whole event, I was also invited.
Cold but expensive pizza. Not bad.
She said that: "Everyone else will also wear yukata, so that should be fun right? But there are only girls coming, so maybe that will be boring for you?" I figured ending up with a harem of young women would not be that bad, so I also joined them.
The weather was bad, cool and rainy. Which meant that it was possible to get seats even for our slightly large group. We got seats with a tent-like roof over us, so we would not get drenched if it started raining more heavily.
Selfie in the beer garden
It was quite nice. I had to go to our magic bar to perform later during the evening, but the girls were kind enough to tag along and have an after party in our magic bar. They seemed to enjoy the magic too.
Me and a lot of girls.

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