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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sapporo Fetish Festival 3

Some of the performers

One of my friends told me a few months back that she would be on stage at the "Sapporo Fetish Festival" this year, and said that I should come and see the shows. So yesterday I went to see her.

Me and my friend

I know basically nothing of bondage, S&M, or the fetish scene. But since I did a magic show at another bondage event last year, I do know some people in that world and I met two (unrelated) persons that I knew from before there by chance.

Some of the S type performers
My friend was on stage and got tied up and whipped. Most of the performances were like that, but when my friend was performing the performance was done to live music. There was a woman playing shamisen and a man playing biwa, and they were great! The other performances used music, but not live music.

The presenter, who was pretty much talking non-stop for five hours, and who had a cool jacket
My friend was in a performance of the more stylistic and beautiful type. The event where I performed (magic), the S&M performances were more like pantomime, telling a story without words. At this Fetish Festival, there were also more extreme performances, like putting a woman in a huge zip-lock bag and using a vacuum cleaner type thing to suck out all the air, or pumping huge amounts of water into someones left nostril (having it gush out of the right nostril and the mouth).

This woman at first did not remember talking to me for an hour
I also spoke a little to a performer who also performed at the event where I did my magic show. At that time, we spoke for an hour or so at the after party. This time, she did not recognize me. This is quite rare for me here in Japan, since a blond person who speaks Japanese well (not that I think I am that great at Japanese, but to Japanese people I have a very impressive flow when I speak) is apparently rare, so people tend to remember me. But then again, at that time I was dressed up as a zombie and yesterday I was without make-up. When saying: "Last time we met, I was a zombie", she did remember.


  1. Ha-ha.. Det är en mening inte särskilt många människor kan säga bara så där.. "Last time we met I was a zombie".. och det verkligen är sant!! :-)

    1. Jag kan dock säga det till många människor. Det händer då och då att folk visar mig foton av dem själva tillsammans med mig, trots att jag inte har något minne av att ha träffat dem tidigare. Oftast är jag då en zombie i fotot :-)