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Thursday, June 26, 2014

My brother in Sapporo, and the power of disguise

My brother came to Sapporo for three days, with his wife. My brother was here in 2007, and his wife was here when she was in high school (14 years ago?). We had lots of food, and lots of fun.

People keep asking me if I and my brother look alike or not. When we were lined up together, people generally said: "You look nothing alike at all!" Then I would say that it is because my brother wears glasses, so if he takes them off you will see that we are similar. So he would take off his glasses and people would go: "Wow, you are almost identical"... Clark Kent's Superman disguise (as a kid I thought it was not very realistic that no one in the Superman movies recognized him) would work extremely well in Japan, apparently.

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