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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cream Soda Nite [sic!] in Sapporo 2014

セコハントリオ (Secohantorio)

June 9 can be read "rokku", "roku" is 6, which is the Japanese name of June, and "ku" is one way to say 9. "Rokku" is also how you say "rock" as in rock'n'roll. Every year there is a rock'n'roll/rockabilly/punk event here in Sapporo on June 9 called "Cream Soda Nite" [sic!]. This year, some of my friends where playing, so I went there mainly to listen to them.


I also saw a lot of other bands. All of the ones I saw were very good. There were two stages at two different clubs a few minutes walk apart, so there were generally two bands playing and you could only catch half the acts of the event.

The Bootlegs, with a pianist.
Pistol Boogie Vincent, a punk band in suits.
ハイカロリーズ (High Calories), with a female lead guitarist
My entrance stamp
スカメムシ (Sukamemushi) all the way from Nayoro. Great drive in the music, and lots of brass instruments.
One Star Club Band, with two of my friends.
若葉 (Wakaba), with electric violin, accordion, and a bag pipe!

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