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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Few people in yukatas

The only one in a yukata at One Star Bar

One of my friends works at a place called One Star Bar. They had a special offer that if you showed up dressed in a yukata during the three days of the Sapporo Festival, the price for 2 hours of unlimited drinking was 2000 yen instead of 3000 yen. I went there in a yukata in the hopes of seeing some other people dressed similarly (yukata looks very nice on some people).

After three days, the final count of people who showed up in yukata was 1, only me. I did my part and went there every evening, though, haha. They had plenty of guests, and outside there were lots of people in yukata (pretty much all the hostess clubs require their hostesses to wear yukata to work during these days, for instance), but the overlap was apparently 0.

I like yukata in general, because it is not that hot and it looks kind of cool. It is a pain to try to do magic dressed in a yukata, though. You have no pockets, so you have nowhere to put the things you are not currently using, and the sleeves are enormous and tend to get caught in anything placed on the table etc. But I did one shift in our magic bar in my yukata this year too.

Lots of people that met me outside of the festival area asked: "Did you go to the festival?", since people do not normally wear yukata at other occasions than the many summer festivals. This year I reacted by staring at them with a very surprised look and saying: "How did you know?!", every time. Some people reacted with clever responses themselves (one of my magician friends said it was his ESP intuition) and some explained pedagogically to me that it was because I was wearing a yukata...

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