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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birthday celebrations

A special birthday movie had been made.

A special 3D model had also been made.

Unlike my birthday which no one except me celebrated, the birthday of my professor saw a lot of cool stuff. Someone had made a 20th Century Fox spoof for his birthday and someone else had made a lot of Google Earth 3D models. There was also cake.

And there was cake!


  1. hi im from the philippines and im new in sapporo. ive been reading your blog posts since 2 weeks ago :) i stumbled upon your blog by googling "okonomiyaki" :) im really curious though, if there are american restaurants in odori, susukino or sapporo station that sells buffalo wings? :)

    1. The place in Susukino I wrote about a week or so ago had something called "Buffalo Chicken" on the menu and claims to be an American style bar. We did not order the chicken so I do not know if it is good or not.

      Here is the blog post:

      Here is the restaurant:

      Someone told me that another place I have been to a long long time ago also serves Buffalo wings, at least sometimes. The place is called Buddy Buddy and is close to the TV tower.


      Good luck! :-)

  2. thank you for your response jonas! i will let you know if it's any good once i try it ;) hope i can live in Kita-ku. Chuo-ku is so far from all the restaurants, at least the Horohirabashi side :) i will also try to visit magic bar when i find it :) thank you again :)