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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Poisonous fish in Osaka

After the meeting there was a dinner party were everyone kept talking about the project and the work to do in the project. We had a very nice dinner. First there was sashimi, raw fish. In huge amounts. I have never seen so much sashimi before, and it was very good sashimi too. Before this arrived there were some tofu and vegetable entrees too.

We also got some meat and vegetables to grill and everyone had their own little iron plate to grill stuff on. The meat was very good. The barbecue sauce to dip these things in was also very good.

After the meat, some deep fried blow fish (the very poisonous fish) and some grilled fish sperm showed up. I am not a huge fan of the Japanese fish sperm, which shows up raw, grilled, or deep fried at many fancy restaurants.

Next, even more blow fish showed up. In fact, huge amounts of blow fish. This photo is the amount of blow fish that three people were supposed to share, after boiling it in Japanese "nabe" style ("nabe" means pot in Japanese).

For the blow fish we got ponzu sauce (a citrus taste sauce), and then some Japanese style pickles showed up. When no one could eat anymore, the staff took out the pot and poured rice and egg into it to make a common ending to nabe style dinners. Last, they also showed up with chilled fruits for dessert.

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