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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Susukino Ice Festival

At the same time as the Sapporo Snow Festival, we also have the Susukino Ice Festival. The main street of our entertainment and red light district Susukino is closed off and filled with ice sculptures. These are often very beautiful.

Apart from sculptures of birds, dragons, fish, etc. there is also an ice bar (a small house built in ice), a lit up tunnel to take photos with you girlfriend in, a karaoke place built from ice, a slide built in ice, etc.

An ice leopard

Ice lion, very sharp teeth.
Real fish in ice blocks.
An ice bar.
Ice seats to rest on.
A small ice car to take pictures in.
Some ice rabbits for kids to ride.
A dragon that I liked.
Magic! A bird with an amulet.
Magic, from a different angle.
The love tunnel that lights up is not so exciting in daylight.
Same tunnel in the evening.
Still looks a bit sad and lonely if you, like me, take pictures there all alone, though...
The ice sculptures look quite nice in the dark too.
An ice horse.

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