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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Magic Bar Issey

The first night in Tokyo, I had the evening free so I went to Roppongi (the party and prostitution district for foreigners in Tokyo) to visit the quite excellent magic bar "Magic bar Issey". I had been there once before and enjoyed it a lot.

They have a shark swimming around behind the counter.
Magic bar Issey has four different magicians, with two working each night. This time there was one magician I had seen before, and one I had not seen. They come to your table and do close up magic, but unlike most magic bars they also have a small stage and at set times they do a very nice stage show (mostly parlor magic, but also some illusions).

This time I came there alone, so the close up magic was probably not that fun for them to do. A lone spectator is usually the most difficult audience. Many of the more interesting routines include several spectators doing different things and are not suitable for a single spectator. They did a nice enough job, though, and I later looked at one table magic performance at another table close to me after the stage show was over but before I left.

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