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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Long time no see, omiyage, and food

Monday was a holiday here, the celebration of the constitution day. It was also the last day of the Sapporo Snow Festival. One of my former colleagues no longer lives in Sapporo, but he used to go to the snow festival wearing only a "fudoshi" (a traditional Japanese underwear garment which is basically a loin cloth) together with some other crazy people also wearing only that.

He showed up for a two night express visit to Sapporo to participate in that fundoshi madness again, and since he was here we met up and talked for a bit. The fundoshi thing is borderline illegal (running around almost naked is frowned upon if it is a big tourist event you are running around in) so they go there and take a picture in a large group in front of the largest sculpture, after the festival is finished but before the sculptures are torn down. Which is a surprisingly short time interval. When you wake up in the morning the day after the festival is over, the sculptures are no longer there.

It was very nice meeting him (it has been about two years since we last met) and he is very funny to talk to. He also brought me some omiyage which were delicious. And we had some delicious chicken in a place he knows.
Later that evening I met a magician friend for the first time in four months, and we had more food. I had more chicken, this time Indian curry chicken. We discussed magic ideas for hours, and in the end moved to another restaurant nearby and ordered some cold ice cream with hot chocolate. It was also very nice to discuss magic as a hobby again, so all in all it was a very good day.

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