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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Presents from Hakodate!

Last week, an acquaintance from Hakodate was in Sapporo and she and her friend stopped by our magic bar. It was Wednesday (so not one of the days I would normally be working) but I happened to be in the magic bar anyway since our other magic bar was super booked and one magician from my bar was their helping out (and I was in our bar helping out since one guy was gone).

I tried a "Chinese chicken" burger, which was pretty good
Anyway, they brought hamburgers from the famous Hakodate hamburger chain "Lucky Pierrot" and chocolate of the well known but also very much available in Sapporo brand "Big Thunder". I also got a bag of Valentine's chocolates!

Valentine's chocolate box
Heart shaped senbei covered in four types of chocolate (maccha taste, strawberry taste, normal chocolate, and white chocolate).

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