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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Work dinner

Entrees, a small octopus, a sea snail (because Japanese people are adamant that they do not eat snails, that would be disgusting, so this is absolutely nothing at all like a snail), tofu based dishes, and more.
We had a guest professor here from Italy last week. He came here in the morning, had a meeting with us, had dinner, and left the next morning. Seemed a bit wasteful to come all the way here for that, but why not? He was supposed to come the evening before, but the airport was closed due to heavy snowfall so he spent one night in Tokyo instead.

This thing was artfully arranged before I tried taking the lid off. Then all the nice things fell off the floating thing.

The dinner was quite nice. Very Japanese. That means very many dishes, but all of them tiny. The beef steak was for instance very good, but it cannot have weighed more than 30 grams.

Raw sea food

Steamed egg based food with chicken hidden inside.

A very tiny steak, grilled clams, mushrooms, and vegetables.
Tempura fried vegetables hidden behind something pink.
Three small pieces of sushi.

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