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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine Chocolate!

I almost never get any chocolate on Valentine's Day, despite lots of people assuring me every year that "all foreigners get truckloads of chocolate in Japan" since foreigners are so popular with Japanese women. Apparently all foreigners except me. I would not care so much if it wasn't for the fact that every year there are so many very persistent people trying to convince me I will get huge amounts of chocolate since everyone does (and in the end everyone except me does), haha.

This year, I got no less than two pieces of giri-chocolate (which does not mean you are popular, but at least it is something, so I was happy), though none of them were given to me on Valentine's Day (actually meeting on the day in question was too much work, I was told).

In a very rare occasion, this year I did actually get chocolate on the actual Valentine's Day! I dropped by our magic bar on my way home and one of the customers there gave a piece of chocolate to each of the magicians present. Good thing I stopped by!

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