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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Meeting a friend in Osaka

I flew to Osaka for a meeting in a project I work in, but since the meeting started really early in the morning I flew in the night before. This meant I had time to meet a friend in Osaka. We first met when she was studying Swedish in Stockholm and I had moved back to Stockholm after 6 months in Sapporo. She wanted to practice Swedish conversation and I wanted to practice Japanese conversation (so as not to forget the Japanese I had learnt during six months) so we met about 6 times before I moved to Sapporo again and she later moved back to Japan too.

She had picked a nice Italian restaurant and we got to catch up on what had happened since last time we met (which was about a year ago). Apparently, she is doing fine and will be getting married a few weeks from now.

On funny thing at the restaurant was that they had a "free after dinner drink" offer for anyone who reserved through the online service my friend had used. She does not drink strong liquor so I took it upon myself to make use of this offer. They asked what type of drink I wanted and I said "surprise me". They came back with something that was similar to shoving a pear into a bottle of vodka. Which is surprising, since my name when said in Japanese sounds like the word for pear in Japanese. A nice choice by the old waiter, who presumably did not know my name.

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