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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sudden deafness, 11 weeks

The view of the parking lot in front of the house I live in.

It has now been 11 weeks since I got sudden deafness and lost the hearing on my left ear. Almost all the hearing has come back, which is nice. One week ago I took my last dose of steroids, so the side effects from the steroids are now also almost gone (my skin looks close to normal, I am not that hungry anymore, etc.), which is also nice.

I caught a cold two and a half weeks ago, and that cold is still with me. I guess it is largely because of the steroids suppressing my immune system that I have not got over the cold yet, but I hope that now that I am off my medication the cold will go away. In the beginning I also got a lot of blood when I blew my nose, which was probably related to the blood pressure medicines I took together with the steroids, but that has stopped now.

I still cannot hear very low frequency sounds with my left ear (at all, no matter how loud they are). My doctor thinks this might be a side effect of the steroids and that it will go away soon, but it has not gone away yet. Other than the cold and not hearing low frequency sounds, I am doing fine. Ah, I also have some ringing in my left ear (constant ringing, but not so loud) and some weird clicking noises in the same ear from time to time.

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