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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine Dinner

Dinner ("hanbaagu")

On Valentine's Day I of course had nothing to do, but I managed to find a friend who also had nothing to do. She being a girl and Japanese would normally be expected to give chocolate to men she work with or men she like or men she consider her friends. I got no chocolate, so I guess I do not qualify in any category. She is a lot of fun, though, so it was a great evening.

Dessert (chocolate cake and cheese cake) served on what turned out not to be a chess board
She has a tendency to suddenly do slightly crazy things. This time we ended up sitting at a table that looked a lot like a chess board. She was convinced that it was a chess board and that there must be chess pieces somewhere nearby. There was a small wooden box placed on top of pedestal nearby, and she figured it must contain chess pieces. So she walked over there and took the box. She commented that it was very light, unexpectedly light for something containing a chess set. Also, it did not open. She tried to open it for awhile but had no luck. About then, the waitress came by to take our order, so my friend asked if the box was perhaps just a piece of decoration in the cafe. It turned out the answer was yes, so we put the box back on the pedestal... Luckily, I am a foreigner so blaming me usually works. No one expects foreigners to know how to behave or to comprehend simple things like "you should not play around with the decorations in a restaurant", haha.

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