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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Magic bar Toto's Bar

In Tokyo there are many magic bars. Many of them are very good. Which magic bar is the best magic bar is difficult to say, but it is either "Half Moon" or "Toto's Bar". Both are great.

Magician Yamato produced a fish out of thin air.
During this Tokyo trip, I managed to visit Toto's Bar twice... Magician Toto does superb magic, and is excellent at getting people to have a good time. Toto's bar is also very relaxing to visit. When I visit I just drop in and sit at the counter talking to all the people working there. Sometimes they show me close up magic, and from time to time they do a big show (when there are enough customers) which is always great.

This looks like a candle with a moving flame but is actually an electric light.

 They also serve food, though I usually end up there very late and thus have normally already eaten too much. This time they kept giving me small portions of food to try out for free, and all of it was very good. Having dinner there would probably be good dinner wise too.

Toto's bar have their own playing card design. I have a deck of cards (or two?) at home in their design, but they said they had changed the design a bit and gave me one more deck. Very high quality cards.

I got to see magician Yamato do both close up magic for me and parlor magic on their small stage. I met Yamato once in Sapporo when he was here helping out with Toto's dinner show at one of the APA hotels in Sapporo.

I spoke quite a lot to magician Yuuto, who turned out to have watched my YouTube videos a lot. He had even figured out one magic thing that I used in one of the YouTube clips and practiced it a lot. He asked me to show it to him live, and to check if what he practiced is in fact what I did. He also did parlor magic, and I watched him do close up magic to some people sitting close to me at the counter.

I also got to see Toto doing his big show, and just talking to him is also a lot of fun. The chef, the bartender, some other customers, other people also helped out in keeping up interesting conversations. I also got to pet some of their pigeons and canaries.

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