Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Back to work

Speeches, speeches, and more speeches

Back at work, it was time for the university "Information Science Department Staff New Year Party". This year it was the 10 year celebration of the creation of the Information Science Department, so there were even more speeches than normal.

There was also food, of course. Quite nice food. Quite a lot of food.

There was also magic, since there is a professor at our department who started learning magic a few years ago. He always comes looking for me and asks me to show him something. I did not know what to show him this year, since he has seen me at these New Year parties three times before, and he has come to our magic bar twice. But as luck would have it, people gave me requests for tricks they had seen and liked before, to show them to the new people there, so I did not have to do anything new. I did have a completely new trick prepared just in case, though.

My oldest Sapporo friend, looking sharp

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