Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Things you can do with spoons

Yesterday I visited Ropossa for the first time in a long time. There you can see spoon bending in the regular show. I also noticed some sculptures made from bent spoons, a rabbit and a sheep.

I was also asked to solve a Rubik's cube with a hole in the middle and one with only one layer (surprisingly difficult, but not actually that difficult). I was also given some New Year gifts, a small towel (2015 is the year of the Ram, so it has sheep) and a 5 yen coin (this is a Japanese pun on ご縁 ("goen", "fortune") and 五円 ("goen", "5 yen").


  1. Nänänä.. Det där är inget får.. Det är en Vädur.. vilket i pricip är "a Ram" :-) Jag är vädur, så jag vet.. :-)

    1. På japanska är det dock "fårets" år i år. Stjärntecknet heter inte "får" men året i den kinesiska kalendern använder precis samma ord som för vanliga får :-)