Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas dinner

In Japan, Christmas is celebrated in two different ways. Either you eat Kentucky Fried Chicken (this is believed to be Christmas food in Japan) or you go and have a romantic date at a Western style restaurant. KFC has huge lines on Christmas, and you cannot buy anything there unless you have booked in advance (!!).

If you have a girlfriend, you are expected to go to a fancy restaurant and have an expensive dinner. I usually do not have a girlfriend, but one of my friends who is a girl also usually does not have a boyfriend, so we often have Christmas dinner together (and then at least people that do not know us will think we are a couple and not just very lonely losers, haha).

Last year we could not get a table at any Western style restaurant (at Christmas they are all fully booked) but this year we had Italian food. It was very nice.

My friend is very funny too. This year, the conversation was much darker than usual, but there were still funny moments too.

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