Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas party

One of my friends is a great cook. She always cooks very large amounts of food, though. She usually makes Christmas food and invites a bunch of people to help her eat it. I was invited this year too, and had a great meal.

For some reason, most people I know serve raw octopus at Christmas

My friend bakes excellent bread!

I was asked to cut the roast beef, since no one else knew how to cut meat (you take the knife and cute, I guess?)

Japanese Christmas cakes often look like this

People complain when I wear trousers like this, but then they wear similar things themselves...

Someone brought "bean flavored mochi"-flavored Pretz sticks.

There was a very sweet and very red whine available

This was supposed to be a German cake of some sort, but no one there had seen one in original form, so no one knew if this was a successful attempt of recreating that German cake or not.

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