Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The most boring New Year so far

My extremely unexciting New Year dinner

The second day into my winter break from work, I became sick. I kept being sick until it was time to go to work again a week later. This was the most boring New Year I have had since coming to Japan, and possibly the most boring New Year I have had ever.

Swedish food, which was excellent

I passed the time by watching endless amounts of movies and TV shows on my computer. Sometimes I got really bored and decided to cook some Swedish food. But that requires going to the supermarket and buy food, which I tried to avoid.

Inspired by the food I had gotten the last day at work, I also made some Spanish omelet at home.


  1. Svensk mat?? (Ja, jag håller på och läser ikapp nu. på min nya dator :-) ) Vad ÄR det där??

  2. Ja det kunde jag iofs räkna ut.. :-) Men innehållet?? Inget av det ser svenskt ut?? Vad det nu är.. Lök är det enda jag känner igen.. :-) Kanske morot? Var det gott då?

    1. Morot, lök, svensk svamp, potatis, kött, svensk buljong, m.m. Rätt gott.
      Smakade väldigt svenskt.