Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fake yogurt

A few days ago I went out to eat Mexican food with a friend. We then went to a cafe for coffee afterwards. On the menu there I found something called "Fake yogurt". Not knowing what that might be, I decided to order that.


It seemed like the girl working in the bar also did not know what fake yogurt was. She started reading some cocktail manual (and there was no one else in the place ordering things at that time). She then produced a cocktail shaker and started shaking things.

In the end, I received something that tasted like someone put ice and Yakult in a shaker and shook them. I was also given a huge amount of syrup. Add as much as you like.

There were other funny things on the menu too. One detail I noticed was that the juice list had all options written in French on the left and then the Japanese name on the right. Except the last one, which was written in Japanese on the left and with Latin letters on the right. Why this special treatment?

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