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Monday, December 16, 2013

Banana for scale episode: Gigantic chocolate? Fooled by the coop!

My colleague has told me that "banana for scale" is a thing. Our coop at the university seems to have picked up on this trend. This week's new product is "Rich Banana" chocolate. There is a realistic looking photo of the chocolate on the cover. The cover also has a picture of some bananas.

My colleague said that he was sure these bananas were for scale, why else would there be bananas on the packaging of chocolate? Especially now that everyone is using bananas for scale. I bought one chocolate bar to see if indeed the chocolate inside was as big as it should be if the bananas are indeed for scale.

If the bananas are for scale, the chocolate would be about one meter on the diagonal, so I was quite impressed by how well they had managed to pack such a large piece of chocolate into a small package that was not even half as big as my (normal sized) keyboard at work. Presumably the contents are folded up or something? In Japan, people have very small houses, so most people are very good at compact living, and they can cram more things than you would think into very small apartments, so I was still not suspicious.

The package was also surprisingly light for containing such massive amounts of chocolate. But Japanese chocolate product packages are almost always surprisingly light (normally because they contain massive amounts of packaging filled with air, and very little product, but still). The chocolate was much more expensive than a normal piece of chocolate, though, so it seemed reasonable that the contents would be enormous.

After opening the package I discovered that the chocolate was in fact a very much standard sized (i.e. small) chocolate bar. A very misleading packing! Can it even be legal to use bananas not for scale?

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