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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Indian food, wedding invitations, and strawberry tiramisu

On Monday I met up with one of my friends who is also a hobby magician. When we first met, I had just started doing magic at the Half Dime restaurants once or twice per month. Since then, we have met many times and talked about ideas for magic tricks etc. We also went to some magic bar in Tokyo and Osaka together.

Recently our available times do not match up that well and we have not met very much this year. It was nice to catch up and talk about our latest magic ideas and show some new magic tricks we have practiced or seen other people perform. We had some nice Indian food at a place we quite often go to, and then desserts and another restaurant nearby. I had cheese filled nan-bread with my curry, and a "strawberry tiramisu" later. Not great for my "losing weight" project, but nice.

I talked a bit about the magic at the bondage event I did recently, and the weddings I performed at. He said: "Speaking of weddings, I am getting married too", and asked if I still live in Japan at the day of his wedding (and not be away on some conference trip or something either). I will probably still be here, so I might even get to attend a wedding as a guest, not as someone just working there. But he did say that if I attended there were certain magic tricks I would have to perform too, haha.

Another of our magician friends is also getting married this summer, so it was pointed out that it would be fitting if I got married in July or August too. This seems VERY unlikely to happen, though.

Then we talked about magic for the rest of the evening. He had a new coin trick, and was working on a sponge ball routine. I showed a card vanish, a coin trick, and one of the new Tenyo magic props that he had not seen yet. Then I rode my bicycle for 25 minutes in pouring rain, since it had started raining and the temperature had just crawled above 0, narrowly avoiding causing much dryer snow...

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