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Friday, December 6, 2013

Reading Swedish picture books

In Sweden we have a holiday called Lucia on December 13. This celebrates some saint, and people usually drink hot spiced wine, eat ginger cookies and saffron buns.

Here in Sapporo, the Sweden Hills community will have a Lucia event on December 15 (they put all the events on Sundays). This is going to include reading a Swedish picture book (in Swedish) to children. I was asked if I could come and read, since I read Swedish quite well. Since I work until 5 in the morning on Sundays, and it takes me more than two hours to get to Sweden Hills, I declined when they told me that the event (as always) starts quite early.

A Japanese woman who speaks Swedish quite well is going to read the book instead. She asked me to help her with the pronunciation and the meaning of some of the words, since the book contains some old and unusual words. She even recorded a movie of me reading the book, to use as a pronunciation reference.

In return, she paid for lunch. You could choose from "Lunch A", "Lunch B", and "Healthy Lunch". I had the Healthy Lunch, which was very good.

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