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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Chinese lunch

My Swedish friends wanted to have Chinese food for lunch today, so we visited a place they were curious about. My friends wanted the "6 types of steamed food" lunch, and I was going to pick something else. The waitress said: "This takes about 20 minutes more than the other foods, is that OK?", so I said, "OK, make it three of that then, so we have our food at the same time", which the waitress found funny.

Then she said we could have Chinese tea or any softdrink we wanted with the lunch. I said "Chinese tea", and one of the others said: "Me too". Then after some thinking, the last of us also said: "OK, I will also have Chinese tea". Then we had to choose which type of tea, and I picked jasmine tea. Then one more said she would also have jasmine tea. And after some more thinking, we ended up with three identical orders...

The waitress came back and said she took the liberty of bringing three different types of tea (each with enough tea for three) so we could try more than one type of tea. It is good that the staff helps you out when you do stupid things, haha. The teas and the food were all very nice.

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