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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Food from our magic bar guests

A light meal after eating extraordinary amounts of roll cake and ground peanuts

Today I went to a tea party with one of my magic bar colleagues. The reason we knew about this event was because the organizer came to our magic bar a few weeks ago and they got to talking about it. Later we also passed by a restaurant were another guest in our magic bar works, and she was standing outside the restaurant talking to some customers when we passed by. We said "Hi" and decided to drop in and try their food too, though we aimed to have only a very light meal (which failed; we had lots of pizza and meat). While we were waiting to be seated, a girl passing by said "Ah, the magician" and pointed to my friend. Apparently she visited the bar he works in yesterday! (We work in different bars in the same chain nowadays, though we were in the same one before.)

The other half of our "light meal"
We had way too much food before the clock even turned 12:30 today... We then dropped by a camera store and bought some Christmas presents for my friend's nephew, from yet another guest in our magic bar.

Tea party stuff
After leaving my friend, who had to go to work, I dropped by a tea shop where an acquaintance of mine works. She has also been to our magic bar a few times, so technically she might also count as a magic bar guest. I bought some tea from her. I also ran into a friend of mine who once went all the way to Stockholm together with me. She has also visited our magic bar (three or four times). And at least two of the other participants at the tea party also claimed to have been to our magic bars a few times... Small world.

Tea from the place my acquaintance works at (Lupicia)

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