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Saturday, December 21, 2013

End of the year and chance meetings

On Friday our lab had the "end of the year" party (忘年会, bounenkai). Of the 17 participants, I, our secretary, and one more guy showed up on time. The other 14 arrived late. This is somewhat surprising in a country were it takes a minor natural disaster to make trains run even 1 minute late.

Anyway, we had tomato hot-pot (トマト鍋, tomato nabe). It was pretty good, and it was red which is Christmasy. There was also roasted chicken, which everyone in Japan thinks is the number one Western Christmas food. Except perhaps strawberry cake, which also seems to be a Western Christmas tradition in Japan.

Chicken, THE Christmas food in Japan

The food was quite nice, and the restaurant was close to our university too. I had to leave about halfway through the party to rush to our magic bar. We had international guests that night, and my colleagues thought it would be good if someone who can speak English was present, haha.

Rice and cheese to put into the pot after you finish eating the first batch of food in there

Later in the magic bar, a friend of a friend showed up with her end-of-the-year-party-group too. She has been to our magic bar before, but the rest of the group were mostly first timers. Two of them said: "Oh! Are you THAT Jonas? We have heard so many stories..." This surprised me a bit, but since they came with a girl I know, maybe she had told them? She was even more surprised though... It turned out that they work (or had worked) at a place where a Chinese girl also used to work. I lived in the same dormitory as this Chinese girls the first 6 months I was in Sapporo. I wonder what kind of stories she might have told them...

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