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Friday, December 6, 2013

Free Red Bull

Not whisky
After eating a hamburger in a place with no bondage clothing, I dropped by the bar where one of my friends work. He was quite busy, but we got to talk quite a bit since I had time to be there a very long time. He also told three other customers (all there by themselves) that I was a magician and they predictably asked me to show them something. The only man in the company said he would buy me whisky as thanks, but someone said I do not like whisky (which is true) so he bought me Red Bull instead.

When I started doing some magic, one girl said that she had in fact seen me before. She had been to our magic bar about a year ago. She also turned out to be into "cosplay" (dressing up as game/manga/anime characters for fun), and her next cosplay project is a character from Macross, she said. I told her that we have a magician who is a huge anime nerd (even by Japanese standards) and that one of his favorite animes is Macross. Had she spoken to him about that when she visited our magic bar? No, she had not talked about anime at all, she said. So I recommended visiting the magic bar where my anime nerd friend is now working.

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